New directions

Periodically, everyone takes new directions. For me, they happen perhaps more than they should, making me feel like I am turning in artistic circles. Sometimes those revolutions are good, but most of the time it’s hard to tell.

I have taken up printmaking, a not illogical step on a photographic journey. I took a class on using photopolymer film, which morphed into solarplates, followed by KM photoploymer plates, and finally resting at copperplate photogravure–someplace I never knew I wanted to go. But working with ink and beautiful paper is very rewarding and I only have to make one near-perfect print in the darkroom to produce a plate capable of reproducing that image another 50 times. And each of those 50 can have variations in technique, color, paper, texture etc–all things that a silver print won’t do (but yes of course other methods will).

Every time I embark on a new direction or new aspect to image-making, I think I have finally landed on the technique that will be the ultimate, the one I will stick with for the remainder of my artistic life. Haha. Aside from photography in general, nothing has held my interest for that long, and, really, if you aren’t exploring new directions, you aren’t growing. Or that’s my feeling.