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About me

I shoot medium and large format film these days though I started out on 35mm many, many years ago. I do the developing and printing myself in my very tiny darkroom, although, as of October 2016, I have a new darkroom built on the side of my house waiting to be completed and moved into. Portraits are one of my preferred image types, although I also dabble in night photography, still life, and landscape. My new passion is copperplate photogravure, a very complex process that courts disaster at every turn. But boy is it fun.

Misc Writing and Drivel

New directions

Periodically, everyone takes new directions. For me, they happen perhaps more than they should, making me feel like I am turning in artistic circles. Sometimes those revolutions are good, but most of the time it’s hard to tell. I have taken up printmaking, a not illogical step on a photographic journey. I took a class …