Despite appearances to the contrary, I am still shooting

With shock and horror it has come to my attention that I haven’t updated the pages on this site for a long time–in the case of one page, since 2012. I assure you, I continue to take pictures! I update my flickr page far more frequently than I do this site:

Meanwhile, I am trying my hand at printing ziatypes, messing up the carbon transfer process, and scratching my head over why I never thought to make Pyrocat HD with distilled water instead of the stuff out of the tap when I noticed streaking.

Instead of walking away from what has become an arcane and archaic process, I instead have chosen to delve deeper into film and what it can do. My ambition is to combine many processes in one piece, but with the exception of a project that I have not yet finished, this as yet eludes me. When I do figure it out, I’ll share it here, as I must.

Thank you to all who visit and look at my work!