Sometimes it’s the weather

Sometimes it’s the weather that keeps me indoors and away from shooting with a big camera, but usually it’s more complicated than that. I’m sitting here on my bed in my parents’ house in France vacillating between complete apathy and frenzied activity. I was out the other day in sub-freezing temperatures to shoot the ice and snow because of their novelty and I was shooting in a heated studio yesterday because I had a model. In between I look outside at the rain and overcast skies and the winter landscape ¬†and I cannot gather the energy to shoot in one of the most meaningful places on earth (to me). I have schlepped my camera 6000 miles to shoot here and I don’t. Actually, that’s an untruth: I did not come here to shoot, I came to say goodbye to my father who passed away before I arrived. Maybe that has something to do with it.