Feeling Negative about Landscapes

I am underwhelmed by what I brought back from the Death Valley meetup. Ironically, the only good shots are either not of Death Valley, or exist on roll film rather than sheet. There are a couple of the dunes which would have had possibilities had I not under-developed them.

I have always thought of myself less of a landscape photographer than as a….don’t really know what kind. Portraitist? Night photographer? Dabbler? All I can say is that I feel pretty weak about landscapes, especially landscapes like Death Valley that are a challenge to shoot.

I actually started to cry a couple of times when I looked on the ground glass. The landscape is overwhelming and I was shooting outside all my preferences. This may explain why I didn’t get much. I was not inspired, confident, or happy with what I saw–as a photographer, that is. As a tourist, it was beautiful.

I am going back in Feb and I am going to concentrate on the two places that actually inspired me–the dunes and Badwater. Both of these place held features that hold my interest because they are best at sunrise (dunes) and sunset (Badwater), the two times of day that I tend to shoot landscapes, if I must. And I will be more precise in the darkroom.